Guide to check your checkout statistics with Google Analytics

Magento was developed with easy for any E-commerce retailer in each of online selling aspects, especially in checking cart abandonment information and e-commerce statistics. However, there’s still a field which no tool can reach- checkout process.

Checkout process was known famous for the most cart abandonment even with One Step checkout of Magento. Therefore, many online shop owners wonder why they couldn’t check statistics for One Step checkout to thoroughly understand what happen there. That why’s I’m writing this post to help you using Google tool- Google Analytics to track checkout process and know the right statistics of checkout abandonment.

What is Google Analytics (GA)

I’m sure that most of you guys know GA as you are taking part in e-commerce business. But for beginner online store owner, Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic according to Wiki.  Google Analytics has many part which help track information by each separated field: Real-Time(added on September 29, 2011), Audience, Acquisiton, Behavior, Conversions. By integrating your site with GA, you can check almost all statistics from your site such as: page quality, conversion rate, sales, time on sites,etc.

Google analytics checkout funnel
Here how GA looks

For Using Analytics only on checkout process, we will only track analytics of checkout page. A huge advantage of knowing the right behavior of customers on checkout page is here. However, this guide will only work when you are using default Magento One Page Checkout.

How to set up for your Magento site and GA

a. You must enable Google Analytics for your site from Magento admin configuration.

enable GA for checkout magento
Enable this one

b. Find the root of checkout file named onepage.html and make some change:

This is location for any Magento default theme of root file:


setting for magento checkout statistics
Here how the code looks like

Copy and paste this code below(I will use image to make it easy)

Using Google Analytics to create Goal with funnel:

Firstly, set Goal Name and Goal Type for your project: remember to choose URL destination in Goal Type

goal name for analytics checkout
You can set different names

Secondly, set Goal Details as show in image:

Goal detail for checkout statistics
This is Goal detail

Lastly, define all funnel steps’names:








Almost done, test your checkout statistics

Go to your Magento Onepage Checkout and check for HTTP requests if there and request with “utm.gif” tail after checkout/accordion, then you’re on the right way. It’s time to wait for result in Google Analytics, usually from a days to weeks.

magento checkout statistics collected in GA
Your date is being collected

Check your Analytics by access Funnel Visualization on Conversions>Goals>Funnel Vizualization, make sure select the right goal and funnel.

While many store owners just pay attention to checkout overall, not too many can see the trees through the forest. Every steps of checkout could hold the secret of making more sales. You could have a brighter clue on what part of checkout need more of your attention if you using funnel of Google Analytics. Good Luck!


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