The cheapest affiliate traffic sources

An affiliate marketer makes money through commission received when products are bought on the merchant website, with reference credited from the affiliate’s marketing effort. The merchant loves it because he saves money while enjoying new flux of traffic; the affiliate loves it because he makes money without the hassle of having to produce or distribute any product. It’s the best of both worlds. However, being a successful affiliate requires a good strategy to generate traffic. There are some cheapest affiliate traffic sources and strategies that every affiliate should be aware of.

Cheapest affiliate traffic source!
Cheapest affiliate traffic source!

Cheapest affiliate traffic sources – the strategy

  1. Well, first, you must have a website to keep your affiliate business up and running.
  2. The cheapest affiliate traffic source, really, comes from your content. Invest in your content writing so that your readers find it useful, interesting, and attention-grabbing.
  3. Do SEO properly so that people can find you in search engines and make what you’re marketing stay relevant, and because organic traffic is truly the cheapest traffic source. Don’t overstuff your content with evidently promotional information (even though inserting keywords is exactly what you have to do), make the keywords appear naturally.
  4. Consider high(er) versus low(er) affiliate commission rate. Our take on this matter is to always pick the low(er) or moderate rate, unless you know exactly what to do when choosing a high commission product. High rate means there is less demand for the product, lower traffic, and harder to attract traffic and buyers. Selling a popular book is much easier than a gold necklace.
  5. Another cheap affiliate traffic source is A2A sites like Quora. Find questions that are relevant to your products and answer it just like you write up your website content. Make sure to put the website link there. Traffic will come. Even if your conversion rate remains modest, the flux of new traffic will surely boost your ranking.
  6. Don’t neglect your landing page. This can be the very first page that your visitors come in contact with. Too much anything (texts, images, videos, flash, etc.) will turn your traffic away. Remember, persuasive over promotional. Selling has to be subtle.
  7. Utilize social media channels and build a mailing list. Social media is absolutely free to use and thus a cheap affiliate traffic source. A little social media reaction can get you a mailing list. Again, it all comes from engaging content or special offers that can catch readers’ attention.

Cheapest affiliate traffic sources – the list

  1. Mailing list: no-brainer. It is the best traffic source you can get. As we have mentioned above, build your list by interacting and responsible marketing. A strong relationship with you list can bring high conversion rate.
  2. Organic search: when people come to you because you rank in, let’s say, top 3 of Google search engine, they are more likely to buy than seeing your ad on some random sites.
  3. Youtube advertising: Youtube gets ton of traffic every day. The cost per click (CPC) can be as low as $.02. We consider it a cheap affiliate traffic source. We thought to include Google Adwords, but for highly competitive industries, the price can rack up to $100 per click. If you are still new to the affiliate business, we don’t recommend using Adwords, but if you’re already experienced and want to scale up, then by all means, look into this paid search option.
  4. StumbleUpon: great to promote shareable content. Very affordable campaigns (in the low $50) can bring thousands of traffic per day. Again, content is king.
  5. Reddit: free to use (and thus in our list of cheapest affiliate traffic resources) and brings very high quality traffic if your products are what the audience is interested in. Reddit is especially beneficial for those who are promoting ‘geeky’ products.

We hope you find our list of cheapest affiliate traffic sources useful. Stay tuned, we have more to offer. For business owners who are looking to have their own affiliate marketer team, we recommend using this Magento 2 Affiliate to create the best and easy-to-manage program that attracts affiliate. Don’t forget to make it easier for your buyer with this Magento 2 one step checkout.

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