The cheapest affiliate traffic sources

An affiliate marketer makes money through commission received when products are bought on the merchant website, with reference credited from the affiliate’s marketing effort. The merchant loves it because he saves money while enjoying new flux of traffic; the affiliate loves it because he makes money without the hassle of having to produce or distribute any product. It’s the best of both worlds. However, being a successful affiliate requires a good strategy to generate traffic. There are some cheapest affiliate traffic sources and strategies that every affiliate should be aware of.

Cheapest affiliate traffic source!
Cheapest affiliate traffic source!

Cheapest affiliate traffic sources – the strategy

  1. Well, first, you must have a website to keep your affiliate business up and running.
  2. The cheapest affiliate traffic source, really, comes from your content. Invest in your content writing so that your readers find it useful, interesting, and attention-grabbing.
  3. Do SEO properly so that people can find you in search engines and make what you’re marketing stay relevant, and because organic traffic is truly the cheapest traffic source. Don’t overstuff your content with evidently promotional information (even though inserting keywords is exactly what you have to do), make the keywords appear naturally.
  4. Consider high(er) versus low(er) affiliate commission rate. Our take on this matter is to always pick the low(er) or moderate rate, unless you know exactly what to do when choosing a high commission product. High rate means there is less demand for the product, lower traffic, and harder to attract traffic and buyers. Selling a popular book is much easier than a gold necklace.
  5. Another cheap affiliate traffic source is A2A sites like Quora. Find questions that are relevant to your products and answer it just like you write up your website content. Make sure to put the website link there. Traffic will come. Even if your conversion rate remains modest, the flux of new traffic will surely boost your ranking.
  6. Don’t neglect your landing page. This can be the very first page that your visitors come in contact with. Too much anything (texts, images, videos, flash, etc.) will turn your traffic away. Remember, persuasive over promotional. Selling has to be subtle.
  7. Utilize social media channels and build a mailing list. Social media is absolutely free to use and thus a cheap affiliate traffic source. A little social media reaction can get you a mailing list. Again, it all comes from engaging content or special offers that can catch readers’ attention.

Cheapest affiliate traffic sources – the list

  1. Mailing list: no-brainer. It is the best traffic source you can get. As we have mentioned above, build your list by interacting and responsible marketing. A strong relationship with you list can bring high conversion rate.
  2. Organic search: when people come to you because you rank in, let’s say, top 3 of Google search engine, they are more likely to buy than seeing your ad on some random sites.
  3. Youtube advertising: Youtube gets ton of traffic every day. The cost per click (CPC) can be as low as $.02. We consider it a cheap affiliate traffic source. We thought to include Google Adwords, but for highly competitive industries, the price can rack up to $100 per click. If you are still new to the affiliate business, we don’t recommend using Adwords, but if you’re already experienced and want to scale up, then by all means, look into this paid search option.
  4. StumbleUpon: great to promote shareable content. Very affordable campaigns (in the low $50) can bring thousands of traffic per day. Again, content is king.
  5. Reddit: free to use (and thus in our list of cheapest affiliate traffic resources) and brings very high quality traffic if your products are what the audience is interested in. Reddit is especially beneficial for those who are promoting ‘geeky’ products.

We hope you find our list of cheapest affiliate traffic sources useful. Stay tuned, we have more to offer. For business owners who are looking to have their own affiliate marketer team, we recommend using this Magento 2 Affiliate to create the best and easy-to-manage program that attracts affiliate. Don’t forget to make it easier for your buyer with this Magento 2 one step checkout.

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Affiliate marketing for your business

As we have mentioned affiliate marketing previously as a cost effective way to drive traffic and sales, in this article we are going to explain into details what exactly affiliate marketing is, why you should really look into it and how to kick-start affiliate marketing for your business.

So, what exactly is affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketing traffic source
Affiliate circle looks like this!

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. It can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. The merchant’s ad(s) or link(s) is shown on an affiliate’s website
  2. Customers click the ad(s) or link(s)
  3. Though this link, the customer is sent to the merchant website
  4. Customer makes a purchase
  5. Affiliate program registers the details of the transaction
  6. The purchase is then confirmed valid by the merchant
  7. The affiliate is credited for the transaction
  8. Commission is paid to the affiliate

Reasons why any online merchant would love affiliate marketing

  • Cost effective:You can have a very low number of sales staff (if at all) to run your business. You don’t have to pay to keep employees and risk going under budget when sales is not going up.
  • Only pay when sales are made:And affiliates get paid only when their marketing effort is working: the customers referred from their websites decide to make a purchase on your store.
  • Exposure to a larger pool of audience:with affiliate marketing, your ads will be featured on multiple blogs and websites, thus increase the exposure for your products and can drive traffic.
  • Total control:Your whole affiliate program is designed by you, from commission rate to promote ads and banners and transaction validation.
  • SEO Friendly:Inbound links plays a crucial role in page ranking on search engines. The more quality links you have, the higher ranking and authority your website will get.


How to kick-start your affiliate marketing program

  • Create your very own affiliate program:Set your level of commission, discount and payout requirement based on your marketing strategy and budget.
  • Start affiliate recruitment:Make sure that your program is attractive and the signup process simple enough for potential affiliates to follow and refer friends.
  • Track affiliate marketing performance:Monitor to make sure that the information your affiliates are presenting about your products is not wrong or misleading, take note of conversion rates, average order value and your affiliates’ behavior (how action they are).
  • Payout:Choose payment requirements and payment methods to best suit you and your team of affiliates.


Are you ready for the flux of traffic and sales boost?


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How to drive traffic to your website

Your website has been up and running, visitors come, but it is not enough. You want more, but don’t have much time to invest in research and channels to reach out to potential customers. Increase organic traffic to a website is not an easy task, but it is entirely possible. Below are some strategies on how to drive traffic to your website.

how to drive traffic affiliate
Answer this and you will success

Do you SEO homework

If you are the sole creator of your content, you have to know how search engine optimization works. Optimized your articles focusing on certain keywords so that they can be found on Google and thus drive traffic to your website. If you don’t have the time to learn it, outsource it. But this is not recommended if you wish total control and long-term result.

how to drive traffic affiliate
SEO is important to online business

Make sure to submit your post URL after creating it. Type in Google to see if, and how, your page appears in the search results.

Use social channels to drive traffic

Traffic comes from the 2+ billion social media users. Post your articles on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Remember that the same post will not look the same on different platform, so you definitely want to tailor it to suit the channel you’re posting on. Trivial detail like hashtags should be taken into account because while they work on Instagram and Twitter, people who use Facebook don’t really care for hashtags.

social channel hel drive traffic for affiliate
Social channel will help too!

And post regularly at scheduled times. We suggest you post at least 5 times a day. And remember, a post goes with media like an image or a video is better at driving traffic.


Look into affiliate marketing

If you want to expand your business, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to drive relevant traffic to your website (and increase sales) without having to find them yourself. It’s quite cost effective because you need less sales staff (but do take note of the affiliates’ commission costs for bookkeeping).

affiliate marketing drive traffic
Do affiliate marketing and you won’t regret!

Do inform the affiliates correctly of your products and promotion programs to prevent false or misleading information, which resulting in losing potential customers. Keep track of your affiliates.


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Top reasons for checkout abandonment and how to get rid of them

Online Shopping is becoming more and more popular

An eCommerce business store owner could increase the conversion rate If only they have the solution for these complicated issues. We are going to discuss top reasons for checkout abandonment and how to increase user experience through checkout process.

What are the top reasons for checkout abandonment?

According to some statistics by Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate from 2006 to 2017 was 69.23 %. This stat shows the upward trend on abandonment rate which was only stand at 59.8% on 2006 but this percentage changed to 78.00% on 2017. Although, large propotion of cart abandonment is simply a natural behavior of users who browse eCommerce sites: preview new products, make price comparison from each shop, save item for later,etc. The rest of this is the consequence of checkout abandonment and some other related reasons.

Find out the real reasons of checkout abandonment is not easy

More and more shoppers tend to abandon their shopping session right at the payment phase. This trend is happening not only on computer but also on other mobile devices. So there must be some troubles at the checkout process which prevent shoppers from finishing this, check out some statistics:

  • Nearly half of abandonment situation (46,1%) happen at the payment step.
  • One-third of those(37.4%) who stop checkout because of login problem.
  • The same one-third(35.7%) occur when the shipping cost was displayed.
  • 20,9% occur when billing address was not automatically filled.
  • 20% of abandonment at checkout was when shoppers had to fill shipping or delivery address.

Overall, four of the five reasons are related to checkout process which was not fully optimized. It’s not about the price but the smooth of all process. This also tell us that one complicated checkout process absolutely has no welcome here. In fact, no one want to waste time on filling information everytime they make purchase. Everytime comeback the first thing they remember is that :“Why they didn’t have a smarter way?”, or they simply won’t return anymore.

E-commerce retailers like us absolutely don’t want our money leak out every second right at the end of the conversion funnel  right? Also follow on Baymard, if everything good on checkout process, “average large-sized e-commerce site can gain 35,26% increase in conversion rate”. So what should we do?

How to get rid of checkout abandonment

There’s a truth that an abandoned shopping cart will not lead to lost in sale automatically, SeeWhy stated that three-fourths of shoppers who abandoned their cart have planned to comeback to reatailer’s site to make a purchase. However, you can’t expect that they will return If you do things wrong. Keep in touch with shoppers and give them what they want is a good way to increase sales even at checkout.

Here are tips that you could follow:

how to reduce checkout abandonment

Minimize Checkout

To start, you sould keep an eye on checkout flow process as normal checkout could be very frustrating. Let say, the faster checkout can the larger number of sales you get, 4 seconds is an perfect number.

“Zip” your checkout in only one page which involve of multiple steps: billing cost, shipping and delivery,etc. Try to design a checkout page which provide auto-fill function or you can find one step checkout solution for any platform on provider’s store.

Allow both log-in and guest checkout: return customers would like to log-in to shop for more convienient. However, many shoppers who new to your site don’t want to take too much time and ask for guest checkout.

Send initial emails

Not many retailers pay attention to this step but sending initial emails can have 40% open rate and 20% click-through rate. This step is not in checkout phase but it is counted as a “late solution” for reducing abandonment rate and increasing conversion rate too.

For advange solution, restore shoppers information

Using technology that help shop owners collect online shopping data and create your own site database of customer will be a valuable invesment. By this way, when customer comeback the complex of checkout would not be a harrasment. For guest customers, get their email or some individual information would be your success.

Using full-packed services from hosted or self-hosted

Magento could be the best partner

Both hosted and self-hosted E-commerce has their own benefits. You can ask for design options on checkout steps with hosted or choose your own extensions for checkout with fully optimized option such as: One step checkout magento 2, etc. These solutions not only can help customers checkout faster but also generate more traffic for you site. In case you want to make more money with affiliate, E-commerce site,especially Magento store will work well for both One step checkout and Affiliate Magento 2 too. Sometimes, this is the fastest way to help you out of trouble with checkout abandonment.

For a E-commerce retailer, every unique customer is a valuable source of income. Unlike B2B sales rep who can use human intuition to improve buying experience, E-commerce companies only have their online store with their shopping cart. You have to empower every little element to create a customized buying experience for thousands of online shoppers each month.

Therefore, some checkout optimization projects will help you gain more profit. Losing money at the last minute of your funnel is not what you want right? Let’s make some change on checkout!

Guide to check your checkout statistics with Google Analytics

Magento was developed with easy for any E-commerce retailer in each of online selling aspects, especially in checking cart abandonment information and e-commerce statistics. However, there’s still a field which no tool can reach- checkout process.

Checkout process was known famous for the most cart abandonment even with One Step checkout of Magento. Therefore, many online shop owners wonder why they couldn’t check statistics for One Step checkout to thoroughly understand what happen there. That why’s I’m writing this post to help you using Google tool- Google Analytics to track checkout process and know the right statistics of checkout abandonment.

What is Google Analytics (GA)

I’m sure that most of you guys know GA as you are taking part in e-commerce business. But for beginner online store owner, Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic according to Wiki.  Google Analytics has many part which help track information by each separated field: Real-Time(added on September 29, 2011), Audience, Acquisiton, Behavior, Conversions. By integrating your site with GA, you can check almost all statistics from your site such as: page quality, conversion rate, sales, time on sites,etc.

Google analytics checkout funnel
Here how GA looks

For Using Analytics only on checkout process, we will only track analytics of checkout page. A huge advantage of knowing the right behavior of customers on checkout page is here. However, this guide will only work when you are using default Magento One Page Checkout.

How to set up for your Magento site and GA

a. You must enable Google Analytics for your site from Magento admin configuration.

enable GA for checkout magento
Enable this one

b. Find the root of checkout file named onepage.html and make some change:

This is location for any Magento default theme of root file:


setting for magento checkout statistics
Here how the code looks like

Copy and paste this code below(I will use image to make it easy)

Using Google Analytics to create Goal with funnel:

Firstly, set Goal Name and Goal Type for your project: remember to choose URL destination in Goal Type

goal name for analytics checkout
You can set different names

Secondly, set Goal Details as show in image:

Goal detail for checkout statistics
This is Goal detail

Lastly, define all funnel steps’names:








Almost done, test your checkout statistics

Go to your Magento Onepage Checkout and check for HTTP requests if there and request with “utm.gif” tail after checkout/accordion, then you’re on the right way. It’s time to wait for result in Google Analytics, usually from a days to weeks.

magento checkout statistics collected in GA
Your date is being collected

Check your Analytics by access Funnel Visualization on Conversions>Goals>Funnel Vizualization, make sure select the right goal and funnel.

While many store owners just pay attention to checkout overall, not too many can see the trees through the forest. Every steps of checkout could hold the secret of making more sales. You could have a brighter clue on what part of checkout need more of your attention if you using funnel of Google Analytics. Good Luck!

5 Examples of sites with perfect checkout design

Wonder what would a perfect checkout page looks likes? How could they be that perfect and famous? What you should learn from them if you want to start an e-commerce business? Read these examples below and I will tell you guys know all the things made you curious.


checkout process at one page
Live chat available for checkout is an amazing step

The checkout web page of eBags is smartly laid out with informational content material to offer all relevant information to buyers on the web page itself before they sooner or later click on on the ‘continue Checkout’ button.

on the checkout page, eBags has provided a stay chat choice that we could clients get solutions to their questions or doubts in actual time. It additionally provides a loyalty software that awards clients with points in trade of purchase. these points can then be redeemed in future by them.


This checkout fails on factor two, with new clients having to sign up before checkout.

magento 2 checkout
Easy Sign-Up Interface for users

which means that i’ve this unnecessary step to undergo once I may want to just be beginning to checkout. And the website desires my date of birth.

magento 2 checkout
Not too complicated

it is now not going well to this point for this checkout. the subsequent factor is that it wants my telephonevariety, but does not suggest that this is a required subject.

Aside from those troubles, it is a clean enclosed checkout with safety reassurances, a variety of paymentoptions, and clear development indicators. unfortunately, the more step from the pressured registrations lets the web site down.


Apple has an appealing internet site that does complete justice to the Apple brand. The checkout web page is likewise thoroughly-designed and makes exact use of white-area to lay full emphasis on name to action buttons.

one of the most common reasons for basket abandonment is forcing customers to sign up their information earlier than they checkout. To get round this difficulty, Apple presents a guest test out option to its customers because of this customers aren’t required to go into a truckload of statistics into bureaucracy or create an account to purchase a product from Apple.

one step checkout
Well-designed make customer fell better at checkout!

however, the turn facet of a guest checkout option is the patron’s shopping data might not be saved for destiny transactions, nor will they be able to song their order. however if that isn’t always a problemalong with your clients, that is a useful function which can reduce the abandonment rate.


One step checkout magento 2
All requirements in one place for checkout

No messing about here. directly from cart right into a one page checkout. The shape works nicely enough, although I suppose the font length for the explanatory textual content is too small.


There are e-commerce stores that are not in choose of supplying a guest checkout choice or one-page checkout. Such e-trade stores that offer clients a multi-web page check out technique should take a cue from Nixon that has designed their checkout page brilliantly.

when customers are finishing the checkout process, they need to have a clear concept of where they are and what number of steps are left before they are able to complete the acquisition technique. Nixon’s checkout page includes a progress bar at the top of the page to inform buyers about the range of steps worried inside the system.

checkout for magento
Never get lost in checkout with brilliantly idea of Nixon

The website makes it clean for customers to make out the quantity of steps completed and the ones left by displaying this information in ‘formidable’.

The page also consists of links to transport policy, return policy, product warranty info and privatenessnotice to instill accept as true with with the customers.

Last thing to tell, an e-commerce save can raise conversion charges on their checkout page via offering all relevant statistics to their on-line ability clients, which enables them make a assured purchase selection. What do you think? Does we have any suggestion for perfect checkout design? Please feel free to tell me!